CD Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Installation Training

CD Extensions Training

The most popular training in Quebec.

CD Extensions offers you the best of the best. Get a complete training in hair extension ''habit method'' type tailored to your needs, across Quebec and Ontario!

We are the ONLY ones in Quebec to have received the real Habit Method training, in Arizona offered by the Habit Beauty Salon. It was in 2016 that the owners of CD Extensions were formed by none other than Chrissy Rasmussen's team.. Take advantage of our expertise, let us teach you THE most popular hair extension method.

CD Extensions Training

Complete training

This training is more than complete, you will be learning with qualified people who will challenge you to become masters of this technique!

During this training, you will be taught:

1. The importance of consultation;
2. How to choose the right color;
3. The importance of dividers for a comfortable and natural look;
4. The assembly of balls;
5. The importance of tackling;
6. How to refit;
7. How to withdraw;

You will also have access to mentoring on a monthly basis as needed.

CD Extensions Training

The training includes:

-A full training day with CD Extensions;
-A starter kit;
+ 2 Packs of 500 micro-rings
+ CD Extensions Separator/Shader for Diamonds Extensions
+ Hair Extensions Needles
+ Hook-tool stick for micro-rings
+ Hair Extensions Pliers
+ Fine Comb For Hair Extensions
+ Fil Extra Strong
+ and more... :)

- A cheat sheet - reminder of the content learned during the Habit method training day;
- The chance to own our range of Diamonds extensions
10% lifetime discount on our Diamonds Extensions Collection
- Personal mentoring as needed

We believe this technique is the best in Quebec and that there is room for each of you.

CD Extensions Training

Welcome to the world of CD Extensions

CD Extensions gives you the best of the best! We teach THE most popular hair extension method ''habit''. We create a line with a thread of the same color as your hair roots and we add micro-rings of a neutral color that are identical to your hair. On this thread, we are going to weave a weft called a hand-tied weft. This frame is as thin as a sheet of paper! As such, there aren't a lot of contact points on the hair, which unlike other techniques, makes your hair breathe! More comfortable and more versatile making it the healthiest hair extension method available. Believe us, customers become obsessed with this method of hair extensions!

CD Extensions Training

Important information

The training takes place at our Dix30 salon located at at 9385 Boulevard Leduc, suite 15, Brossard, Quebec

The training will be a full day, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (the time may vary depending on the questions).

Because we want to make sure that all the training is well assimilated and understood, we limit the number of students to 5. Places are therefore very limited. Places will therefore be limited.

The cost of the training is $ 2,500 + taxes. In order to make training accessible to all, it is now possible to make 2 equal payments of $ 1,250 + taxes.

* Some dates may vary depending on COVID-19