Hair extension bar

CD Extensions

CD Extensions is a company from Sherbrooke, now located in Brossard (Quartier Dix30), and constantly at the forefront in the field of hair extension installation. We are extremely grateful that we were able to create a whole new concept - a hair extension bar! What is it? This concept involves stylists, colorists, and an array of top-quality products! All combined together, we are ready to offer you a truly remarkable and prodigiously personalized service!

Our primary values ​​are to offer you a warm atmosphere and a state of well-being that meets your expectations! Whether it is with long princess hair or shorter, voluminous and stylish hair, you will feel the way you deserve.

Our mission is simple: Make you feel good about yourself like never before!

My name is Catherine Dupuis, founder of CD extensions. First, where did the idea of ​​starting a business come from? For me, it's more than a matter of business!

Being an entrepreneur means living a dream while passing on my passion to all those who dream of ideal hair! As far as I can remember, a big complex lived inside me: my thin hair without volume. This is the reason why I have always dreamed of having princess hair: long, voluminous and shiny! But deep down, who wouldn't dream of that?

Everyone can have different complexes: hair that is too thin, too curly, hair that does not grow quickly or simply hair without volume. With the years that followed, between my 13 and 23 years old, we can say that I have tried and tested almost everything on the market in terms of hair extensions. I've been wearing hair extensions for 10 years now! Never 100% satisfied, I practiced my techniques relentlessly, intending to successfully give you the best.

After traveling several thousand kilometers from Arizona, I added a new hair extension technique to my baggage: the Habitmethod.

I was the first in Quebec to find the best possible alternative for your hair. It is with great pride and a lot of emotion that I can now introduce you to this new way of doing things here in our part of the country.

You don't even have to travel too far because I am now offering this high-end technique training ! Enthusiasts like me will therefore know how to transfer their know-how to others. Thus, you can imagine that I worked body and soul on this project in order to deepen my expertise even further.

In life, I can describe myself as a highly perfectionist woman. I am passionate and I love to think big. Therefore, I always want more! The best techniques, the best products, the best looks. That's when I decided to make it useful to enjoyable and start a business in hair extensions.

As an entrepreneur, I believe the key to my success is listening to my clients as well as being able to understand how they may feel due to my past experiences. I am therefore able to support each of them in a physical and psychological process. It's an element that motivated me, with the help of the best specialist, to design and develop my own line of hair extension and products.

If the big CD Extensions family exists or even keeps on growing, thanks to you. Thank you for making the difference! Thank you for trusting us! Without you, my precious, we could not exercise our dream!


Catherine Dupuis and the CD Extensions team